Of all of the specialities in veterinary medicine, diseases of the eye stand out among those conditions which change most rapidly. Veterinarians have long noticed that seemingly minor eye injuries can devolve to vision threatening emergencies in just 48 hours! Many simple evaluations can be performed by animal care givers even before presenting an animal to a veterinarian.

For example:

In observing an animal from a distance, the eyes should appear the same. Squinting, dissimilar pupil size and accumulations of which discharge are all abnormal conditions (the discharge should not be removed prior to the visit with a veterinarian). Dropping pieces of cotton several feet in front of an animal and observing the response is an easy way to evaluate vision (no sound and no odor).

Differing responses to this in varying light intensities will aid in ruling out night blindness (nyctalopia), an early clinical sign is several eye diseases of dogs and cats. Observing an animal negotiating a maze composed of piles of pillows will also aid in evaluating vision, especially when conducted in varying light intensities (room lighting).

An ordinary flashlight can be used to evaluate the pupil light reflexes, especially when conducted in subdued lighting. Specifically, directing a bright light into a healthy eye should cause BOTH pupils to constrict.

Palpating an animal’s eyes through the upper eyelids and comparing the two provides a reasonable assessment of intraocular pressure. Elevated intraocular pressure is present in glaucoma.

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If equivoval results are obtained from home evaluation or if medications currently being used have not been rewarding, care givers may wish to make an appointment with Doctor Clinton at the Animal Eye Clinic in Medford, NJ. Ideally, owners should bring with them copies of prior laboratory results or past treatment summaries as well as medications being used, – even if the results have been disapointing.

The Animal Eye Clinic is the oldest and largest animal ophthalmic practice in the region and provides equipment and experienced personnel able to fully determine the status or animals’ eyes. The Animal Eye Clinic is able to provide advanced medical and surgical treatment options to ensure the best possible prognosis.